Museum presents two films by Dara Birnbaum

By | July 14, 2016

ST. LOUIS, July 14, 2016—The Saint Louis Art Museum will present two films by video artist Dara Birnbaum as part of its New Media Series. The installation will be on view in gallery 301 from Sept. 2 through Dec. 11.

One of the first video artists to use television footage, Birnbaum’s iconic imagery and cogent reading of how the media codes gender roles is as relevant today as it was in the late 1970s. The museum presents two works by Birnbaum, Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman and Kiss the Girls: Make them Cry.

(To download web-ready images, scroll down and click on thumbnails in the image gallery.)

Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman, 1978-79, is a groundbreaking video that uses appropriated images taken from the television show “Wonder Woman” to deconstruct language and expose underlying layers of meaning embedded in pop-culture iconography.

Also on view will be another of Birnbaum’s most important early works, Kiss the Girls: Make them Cry, 1979. This work is concerned with the subtle representations of gender embedded in television imagery and pop music. The footage used is appropriated from the popular American game show “The Hollywood Squares.”

New Media Series—Dara Birnbaum is curated by Hannah Klemm, assistant curator of modern and contemporary art.

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