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Back in Style: Behind the Scenes in the Textile Lab

Inside the conservation department at the Saint Louis Art Museum, Zoe Perkins, Textile Conservator, can be found preserving, cleaning, and restoring a diverse array of artworks, from oriental rugs to Lakota cradleboards to, recently, a 250-year-old dress that has been in SLAM’s collection for almost seventy years. Given to the Museum by Mathilde ‘Quappi’ Beckmann, the wife… Read More »

Textile tales of politics and patriotism

Textiles have long been used by many cultures to promote military, political, and commemorative events.  The use of textiles as vehicles for propaganda, though somewhat less known throughout history, was the focus of the 2017 exhibition Textiles: Politics and Patriotism. The exhibition shared stories and imagery woven into fabrics that deliver strong or sometimes subtle… Read More »

New in 2014: American quilts

We’re closing 2014 by celebrating some of the amazing works of art that became part of the SLAM collection this year. Make sure to read earlier stories about Wendy Red Star’s self-portrait series, John Singleton Copley’s Henry Barry, and Andy Warhol’s Shoe. This year, the Art Museum formally accepted five quilts that are part of… Read More »