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A Game of Nation, Modernity, and Militarism

Sugoroku, also known as e-sugoroku, is a Japanese board and dice game similar to snakes and ladders, or Chutes and Ladders, that flourished between the 18th and mid-20th centuries. Early versions of the game were intended for religious education. Depending on the whim of the die, one might reach Buddhahood, or alternatively, descend into hell.… Read More »

New in 2015: The Lone Cavalryman

We’ve been highlighting amazing works of art that became part of the SLAM collection in 2015. You can read each installment here.  The Art Museum in 2015 continued to benefit from the generosity of Charles and Rosalyn Lowenhaupt, who have given the Museum more than 1,400 Japanese prints and related works of art since 2010.… Read More »