Good Friday in the galleries

By | April 3, 2015


Several of the finest works of art in our early European collection are religious works, and many of those relate to the death of Christ, which is commemorated today by the Roman Catholic Church and some Protestant denominations. (Because of differences in how the date for Easter is calculated, many churches in the Eastern and Orthodox traditions will mark Good Friday next month.)

The slideshow above includes paintings and a sculptural work related to Good Friday that are on view now, but that’s just a small sampling of Christian art in the collection depicting the crucifixion and resurrection. Some works on paper — like Martin Schongauer’s Christ before Pilate and Rembrandt van Rijn’s Christ Presented to the People (“The Ecce Homo”) — can be seen by appointment in the Print Study Room.

Click on the thumbnails below to take a closer look at any of the artworks in the slideshow above.