New in 2014: Vase from the Paris factory of Dihl and Guérhard

By | December 26, 2014

We’re closing 2014 by celebrating some of the amazing works of art that became part of the SLAM collection this year. Make sure to read earlier stories about recent acquisitions.

Vase - front and back

This monumental French porcelain vase, attributed to the factory of Dihl and Guérhard, demonstrates the high quality achieved by Paris porcelain manufacturers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The vase is neoclassical in style, and features burnished gilding and detailed, colorful depictions of Venus and Cupid. This opulent object would have been displayed on a mantel, sideboard, or in a prominent niche in the owner’s home. Dihl and Guérhard supplied porcelain tableware and ornaments for wealthy patrons in Europe and America—including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Guérhard was an investor, while Dihl was a chemist who developed a palette of enamel pigments that were bright and luminous.

This Paris porcelain vase complements a number of other important French neoclassical-style works in the collection. It recently was purchased with funds given in memory of Robert H. Quenon (1928–2013), a long-time Museum Trustee and former President of the Board of Commissioners. Visitors can find the vase in Gallery 203.