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Recipe: Learn to make Ivy Magruder’s Breaded-Grilled Chicken and “Spaghetti”

Ivy Magruder, the executive chef at Panorama, recently visited the set of KSDK’s Show Me St. Louis to talk about an upcoming Art at the Table whiskey dinner and show Heidi Glaus and the Channel 5 gang how to make his Breaded-Grilled Chicken and “Spaghetti.” Here’s the recipe for the dish, which quickly is becoming… Read More »

Female figure

For every sculptural atua that escaped the iconoclasm of Polynesia’s missionary period, hundreds if not thousands were broken apart or set on fire, says Michael Gunn, senior curator for Pacific Art from the National Gallery of Australia and organizing curator of Atua: Sacred Gods from Polynesia. Female figure, from the collection of the Staatliches Museum… Read More »

Kava bowl

For centuries, kava has been used as a ceremonial drink in Polynesia. But the popular taste for kava declined by the mid-19th century as Christianity replaced traditional religion and its widespread use of the drink. Kava bowl, from the collection of New Zealand’s Canterbury Museum, is an important work in Atua: Sacred Gods from Polynesia… Read More »

Atua catalogue available for sale in Museum Shops

When you visit Atua: Sacred Gods from Polynesia, make sure to check out the stunning, full-color exhibition catalogue that the Sydney Morning Herald called “lavish and detailed” and containing “much of the contextual material which places the objects within their cultural context.” Review copies of the 256-page book are available inside the exhibition for you… Read More »

Mummies get CT scans at Barnes-Jewish Hospital

If you’ve tried to visit our Egyptian collection recently, you probably discovered that Gallery 130 was temporarily closed. If you visited yesterday, a SLAM employee might have asked you to step aside to let a few long, unmarked boxes be wheeled past. And if you asked what was going on, we probably didn’t give you… Read More »

After a summer abroad, SLAM’s Richters return to the galleries

After spending the summer in Switzerland, Betty and other works by Gerhard Richter are back in the Art Museum’s East Building. Betty and the three diptychs marking the fall of the Berlin Wall — November, December, and January — were temporarily on view at the Beyeler Foundation, which had organized a major retrospective exhibition of… Read More »